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What is SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group
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The company started back in 1998 just with one product selling in the USA. Today company’s products and services have become 28 800 (growing daily) and are selling in over 190 countries around the world. This guarantees success to every future partner of the company.
SFI was created to give an opportunity to everyone with a computer and access to internet to participate in the world revolution called e-commerce. The main focus of SFI, except the development of new products and services is the creation of good partner relations which you can hardly notice recently.
Every partner makes profit trough couple of ways:
- from 20 to 72% commission from personal sales of products and services ( you’re selling information about them, partners don’t need to buy/sell the products for real )
- from 10 to 40% commission from sales of the team which every partner can make and develop
- from 16 to 24% for different services, and lots more commissions and bonuses
Example: During the month you have reached qualification level, which gives you 60% of your sales. You have sold a 20$ product, which means you get 12$ commission. All other profit you get from sales of your team and etc are added to your account.
Earnings are paid by a way chosen from every partner, the options are to receive your payment with check, via credit/debit card or PayPal.

If you want to be a winner, raise your hand

Your partnership with SFI gives you:
1.You got no boss. You plan your working time, look after your development, choose your targets. You can work the way that is pleasant for YOU.
2.No margin of income. The more you work the more profit you’ll get and the opposite is valid too, if you do nothing, there’s no way you’ll get earnings.
3.Brings satisfaction. YOU create your business. YOU take the bonuses.
4.Working with people you like. No hard to work with colleges. No intrigues in the office. You’re in contact with producers and clients from all around the world!
5.Versatility. You work as many hours as you like, having time for your life and family. If you work best from 2-5am, there’s no problem to work then.
6.No travelling to work. Saves you time and money.
7.No office expenses = faster profit.
8.Security. You can’t get fired from the business you own.
9.Better retirement plan: you don’t count on the system, you work alone for your better future.

Other benefits from SFI:

1.Zero starting investment: You can start your new business without any capital needed, if you like you can pay for a boost of new contacts trough SFI system, for under 30$ but it’s not necessary. Most businesses require thousands of dollars capital just to start.
2.Free education. SFI and myself will get you in the business, TOTALLY FREE!
3.No administrative stops: You’re making your own business, but at the same time represent a stable company which has developing products, logistics, marketing and etc in hands. You get the whole brand, marketing, advertising and all else needed for your business.
4.Keep your present job, till the income from your “part-time” project get big enough for you to leave and concentrate just on it.
5.You don’t need expensive instruments. Just a computer and internet.
Most importantly you need your skills to work with people and we’re educating you in that FOR FREE!

And last but not least, the 8th wonder of the world

6.Passive income. You get a bonus of every sale of the products you promote or your team promotes. This you’re going to get forever!

For additional information look here:
Work from home! » Work from home » Work from home » What is SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group
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